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Southeast Calgary’s immersive, inclusive and affordable not-fot-profit HEMA classes.

One sword club to train them all!

The tale of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword (CFOS) is just beginning, but we have history.

Our club is led and run by long-time and passionate HEMA students.

We are dedicated to the sport, fun, and history of Western martial arts in Calgary, and we can’t wait to see you in one of our classes

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Our journey begins

In 2019, a group of longtime Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) students set out on a mission…

To establish a not-for-profit HEMA organization where anyone could safely, inclusively, and joyfully learn the art of sword fighting.

For months we planned, prepared, and developed a curriculum, and when the time was right…

Calgary Fellowship of the Sword was forged. 

From Southeast Calgary’s school fields, community centres, and parks, our club is dedicated to preserving the rich tapestry of Europe’s martial arts heritage.

We explore, study, and apply fighting manuals of the 14th to 19th centuries, soaking up their wisdom and passionately sharing our knowledge of historical fencing with anyone willing to learn.

Calgary Fellowship of The Sword members practice sword fighting with the rapier.

Who we’ve become

Since those early days (and through a global pandemic), our club has grown almost threefold, a testament to our commitment and tireless enthusiasm for HEMA.

Our members, many of whom double as skilled instructors, are diverse and passionate. Together, we explore everything from Medieval longsword and Renaissance rapier to Victorian sabre and beyond.

Our approach to HEMA is unique!

Together, we thoroughly examine reproductions and translations of original fight manuals – treasure troves of ancient teachings that form our martial arts roadmap. Interpreting these precious sources, we’ve developed exciting programs like the popular Introduction to German Longsword, heavily influenced by the 15th and 16th-century teachings of masters Lichtenauer and Meyer.

What the future holds

CFOS is a not-for-profit organization. We are committed to ensuring historical fencing remains affordable and accessible for all.

We’re run by an executive committee – we believe in a collective, not a single individual. In our club, those who join us aren’t simply students; they’re valued members of our society and key contributors to our shared vision of preserving the past.

Whether it’s someone designing a lesson plan from an age-old manual or a newcomer tentatively taking their first swings, everyone adds to a rich, engaging martial arts experience that stimulates the mind and body in a supportive and fun environment.

As we look to the future, we see an exciting journey filled with growth, discovery, and a shared passion for Historical European Martial Arts.
Take up the sword. Take up the art. Take up the fun.

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Meet your HEMA instructors

Lauren "Danger" Shaw - HEMA instructor and founding member of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword.


Dave instructs the Intermediate and Senior Longsword Classes at CFOS. 

He has a deep background in both Gung Fu and Muay Thai, and started HEMA adventures in late 2011.  His other weapons interests include Sabre and Pole Weapons.

Dave’s current CFOS focus is the ongoing development of the Longsword Course Of Study.

Lauren "Danger" Shaw - HEMA instructor and founding member of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword.


Lauren is the club’s intro instructor for longsword and also runs units on sword and buckler as well as poleaxe.

She started her martial arts endeavours with karate (briefly) when she was 18, jujitsu in her mid 30s, and in 2011 she took up HEMA as her full-time martial art.

Lauren is a fan of the 15th Century, cats, and chocolate (which they didn’t have in 15th Century Europe but she is willing to make exceptions).

Lauren "Danger" Shaw - HEMA instructor and founding member of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword.


Brett is the club’s instructor for both rapier and rapier-and-dagger. He has been practicing HEMA for over 20 years. A lifelong Calgarian, Brett loves his city and can’t envision himself living anywhere else.

When he isn’t on the field with a rapier in hand, you can find him holding a mug of something hot and caffeinated in one hand, and a piece of Swiss cave-aged Gruyère in the other, all while engaging in spirited debates about history and other social studies topics.

Lauren "Danger" Shaw - HEMA instructor and founding member of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword.


Chris is the club instructor for Sabre, Staff and Bayonet, and assists with other classes. 

He started HEMA in 2010 and has studied a wide variety of other weapon types including rapier, longsword and pole weapons. 

When he is not playing with swords he can be found adventuring in the mountains, hiking , skiing and kite surfing on water, ice and snow.  He just wishes he could have a hot drink while out there because it gets very cold and wet.

Lauren "Danger" Shaw - HEMA instructor and founding member of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword.


David is an assistant longsword and poleaxe instructor who has been studying HEMA since 2020.

A lifelong history buff, he was drawn into the community by his interest in weapons and armour evolution and design. He decided to stay because swinging swords is as much fun as reading about them.

When not trying recipes from the Skyrim Cookbook or tending to his garden, David can be found tinkering in his garage, seeking to answer the great mysteries of the Universe – questions such as “Why can’t I forge a poleaxe in my garage? How hard could it be…”

Lauren "Danger" Shaw - HEMA instructor and founding member of Calgary Fellowship of the Sword.

Sheri & Matt

Sheri and Matt are a married couple that enjoy spending time with the club.

Matt is currently an assistant instructor focusing on longsword which he’s been studying for 2.5 years. The initial spark for his desire to learn sword play came from Star Wars as a child.

Now he’s expanded to full HEMA and more than happy to work with others with this new passion of his.

Sheri assists with Introduction to Long Sword studies. She developed a passion for martial arts with kickboxing/MMA, and wanted to share in her husband’s interest with sword work.

She found Calgary fellowship of the sword in May of 2021.

In her spare time, she enjoys grand adventures with D&D, hiking, and weightlifting.

A lot of fun, a little history, and small classes that allow for an individual experience.

Sheri Cardall

CFOS Member

Calgary Fellowship of the Sword is awesome. The classes are engaging and the instructors bring their passion for Historical European Martial Arts to every session. If you've always wanted to learn how to use a sword -- I can't recommend CFOS enough!

Greg H Clay

CFOS Member

My son and I joined the class about a year and a half ago (wow time flies). They have been incredibly welcoming to the both of us and we've both really enjoyed the club. Definitely recommend trying it out!

Ryan James Broadhead

CFOS Member

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