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CFOS is an inclusive not-for-profit HEMA club in Southeast Calgary.

Calgary Fellowship of the Sword (CFOS) was formed in 2019 by Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) enthusiasts, dedicated to promoting Europe’s rich martial past and creating a safe, inclusive, and fun environment for all to learn. 

We are committed to providing you with an engaging experience that challenges both your mind and body, but respects your abilities.

Join us in celebrating the European martial arts from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and beyond, and explore your inner sword fighter with CFOS!

Learn the art of sword fighting!

Looking for sword classes in Southeast Calgary? Calgary Fellowship of the Sword stands ready!

Whether it’s German longsword, Italian rapier, or even Victorian sabre, Calgary Fellowship of the Sword (CFOS) has a wide variety of beginner and intermediate HEMA classes in Southeast Calgary.

Our program content is created and inspired by 14th to 19th-century fighting manuals and years of practical application and experience. Every one of our Western Martial Arts (WMA) classes is designed to work your mind and body and give you an authentic swordplay experience.

Whether you’re a casual HEMA enthusiast or keen on serious HEMA training, our Southeast Calgary sword fighting classes are ready to welcome you!

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Your guides on the path of the sword!

Calgary Fellowship of the Sword, Southeast Calgary’s HEMA club: Meet your instructors.

Our experienced and passionate instructors are seasoned students of HEMA (and various other martial arts).

Together, we have years of experience crafting engaging lessons suited to every individual’s needs. As your guides, we ensure safe, rewarding, and fun sword classes!

It’s our honour to teach you this exciting martial art.

A lot of fun, a little history, and small classes that allow for an individual experience.

Sheri Cardall

CFOS Member

Calgary Fellowship of the Sword is awesome. The classes are engaging and the instructors bring their passion for Historical European Martial Arts to every session. If you've always wanted to learn how to use a sword -- I can't recommend CFOS enough!

Greg H Clay

CFOS Member

My son and I joined the class about a year and a half ago (wow time flies). They have been incredibly welcoming to the both of us and we've both really enjoyed the club. Definitely recommend trying it out!

Ryan James Broadhead

CFOS Member

What is HEMA?

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), also known as Western Martial Arts (WMA), are fighting styles that come from Europe. 

These martial art styles, used from the Middle Ages all the way to early modern times, often involve fighting with weapons like longswords, daggers, spears, staffs, rapiers, sabres, wrestling, archery, and even mounted combat.

HEMA involves the study and practical application of combat techniques found in historical sources, such as fighting manuals and treatises, from the 14th to the 19th century. 

HEMA is characterized by a focus on the exploration and practice of these historical techniques and incorporates elements of both sport and martial discipline. 

Our CFOS Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) classes cover techniques from the 14th through 19th Centuries, including: 

  • Sword and buckler from I.33 Walpurgis manuscript, as well as later Medieval and even Bolognese Renaissance sources, 
  • Various traditions of German Longsword, such as Lichtenauer and Meyer, 
  • English techniques from Silver and Swetnam, 
  • Rapier from Fabris and Capo Ferro, and of course, 
  • Alfred Hutton’s sabre manuals from the Victorian period.

This eclectic collection of content we rotate through offers you a great way to work both your mind and body, improve fitness and coordination, and, above all, learn about the real fighting techniques of Europe’s martial past.

Cuts from CFOS

Check out these snapshots of our Southeast Calgary Western martial arts club.

Want a sneak peek of our classes, tournaments, and special events? 

Our gallery showcases the spirit of CFOS in full swing (parry, and block!). Witness the thrill of a German longsword clash, the elegance of a Renaissance rapier duel, and the camaraderie that makes CFOS more than just a Calgary martial arts club. 

See how we’re making historical fencing come alive!

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