The Calgary Fellowship of the Sword (CFOS) is a group dedicated to the study and practice of European martial arts manuals and traditions covering the 14th through 19th Centuries.

Our core group have been friends and practitioners of European Martial Arts for many years, some of us for more than a decade. We are eager to share our research and our training with others, especially because sword-based martial arts provide great exercise and are a lot of fun.

Authentic sword fighting is what we do, though we ensure it is always done safely and in a welcoming environment. Steel swords are blunt, members set their own pace in class, and of course, we are an inclusive club where we do not tolerate abuse, racism, or hate of any kind. 

We're still building our organisation, but we are eager to grow and work with our friends at the Forge WMA in North Calgary as we try to bring a wider understanding of martial arts to this great city.